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Contoh Soal Structure pada Toefel

  1. At seven o’clock  they ..... dinner for ten minutes
A. were having                                  C. ate
B. had                                                   D. Had been having
(D. testing point: perfect progresive)
  1. My father wishes he ..... harder when he was at school
A. studied                           C. Had studied
B. has studied                    D. Was studying
(C. because wish clause is past  perfect)
  1. How long ..... your  present car?
A/ did you own                 C. Have you had
B. did you have                 D. Had you possessed
(C  because present5 perfect tense, its used when an action started in the past and is still continuing in the present)
  1. I thought they worked ..... than you
A. more hard                     C. More harder
B. more hardly                  D. Harder
(D because its comparatuve degree)
  1. He seems .... more money yhan you have
A.to be having                   C. That he has
B. to having                        D. To has
(B because seem to-infinitive present infinitive (to-do)-> general stetment. Progressive infinitive (to be doing)-> present action and perfect infinitive (to have done)-> past action )
  1. He wasnt ill-treated .... his guild was proven
A. as soon as                      C. why
B. until                                  D., that
(B because he will questioned until the truth is found out)
  1. Let me remaing you of .... is so special about our voyage
A.whenever                       C. that
B. what                                 D. How
(B because what-clause, what can introduce a clause that can be to subject or object of the sentence or the complement of ‘to be’)
  1. I didn’t understand a single  word ...
A. whom you said            C. That it you said
B. which you said             D. You said
(D because is defining relative clauses( for thing) )
  1. I had rather.... him yesterday
A. not to see                      C. Not see
B. not have seen              D. Not to have seen
(B because would rather+ have + past participle. To express past preference , or regret about something that happened, ‘would rether’ is followed by have + past participle )
  1. It’s .... building I’ve ever seen.
A. the taller                        C. A very tall
B. taller than                      D. The tallest
(D because superlative degree , the present perfect  tense is often used after superlative )

  1. He had to go away on business last weekend, ....?
A. had he                             C. Hadn’t he to
B. hadn’t he                       D. Didn’t he
(D because have (in question tags) since “have to” is not a modal its conjugated as an ordinary verb in form)
  1. They made .... the building
A. her to leave                  C. Her leaving
B. her leave                        D. That she would leave
(B because make somebody + plain infinitive, this patten is used in the sense of causing/forcing someone to do something)
  1. This job ... weeks ago
A. should finish                 C. Should have finished
B. should be finished      D. Should have been finished
(D because should have+ past participle)
  1. Both of them are smilingbut ... of them are happy
A. none                                                C. some
B. any                                    D. Neither
(D because neither of, none of “either of” is used with plural nouns or pronouna and denotes two people or things)
  1. As the manager has been awayfor a week, I have had no .... to discuss it with him
A. possibility                       C. opportunity
B. suitability                        D. Ability
(C because)


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